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Order These Things From To Pack the Perfect Disney Park Bag

One of the most important parts of a Disney World vacation is your park bag.

Most people bring a backpack or some other sort of bag with them into Disney parks to carry the essentials you’ll need throughout your visit.

These items are vital to a day full of fun, and in many cases will enhance your time there.

Here is my list of essential items for your Disney park bag that you can order on Amazon right now and why you need them to make your Disney get-away perfect!

Links in this post may be affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission if you make a purchase from any of them, at no additional cost to you.  You can find out more information by reading my full disclaimer.

Order These Things To Pack the Perfect Disney World Bag

Disney Park Bag Must Haves:

1. An external battery to charge your cell phone or other electronic device.

Phones are an essential part of our lives now and MUST be in your Disney park bag.

Most people don’t even carry a camera anymore and just use their phones to capture memories.

And now the My Disney Experience app is now an essential part of a visit to the parks.

Book fast passes, pre-order food, navigate between lands, and check out showtimes. These things and more can all be done from the app.

Now imagine that you’re walking through the Magic Kingdom and your phone dies!! What could be worse?!?

We always carry an external battery so we can recharge our phones anytime, anywhere.

Disney offers vending machines around the parks with external batteries in them, but who wants to hunt one down when you need one? 

Plus, we’ve heard really bad things about their capacity and effectiveness.  Disney Tourist Blog has a great article on them.

We find that having our own external batteries is so handy that we keep them around all the time, even when we’re home, just doing our normal thing.

Our personal favorite is the one below that not only can be recharged at any outlet, but also uses solar power to keep a charge. We just clip it to the outside of our park bag and never worry about it running low, even when our phones are plugged into it!


2. Filtered Water Bottles And Water Flavor Packets

The tap water in Orlando is notoriously gross. Just one sip from a water fountain in the parks and you’ll definitely regret it.

We invested in these self-filtering water bottles on our last trip, and we were so thankful to have them. 

We never head to Florida without these in our Disney park bag. 

They each have a small filter in the top that takes out all the gross tasting stuff right before you drink it.

We simply refilled them anytime we had a few minutes between rides, and found ourselves never without water.

I know any food vendor offers free ice water to any guest at the parks, and we frequently use that chilled water to refill our bottles.

But when you’re in a two hour standby line for Thunder Mountain Railroad, and your kid is thirsty, you’ll be thankful for these!

In addition to the water bottles, sometimes we just want something with a little taste.  

We always throw a few of these water flavoring packets in our Disney park bag and then add them to the free tap water.  

The flavors are strong enough to cover up the weird taste of Florida water and also taste really good. 

We like the Hawaiian Punch brand especially:


3. Mickey Mouse Band-Aids

There’s no avoiding it, kids are gonna run and fall.

We found having these Disney themed band-aids in our Disney park bag made dealing with the inevitable bump or scrape easier.

Disney has fantastic first aid centers available all over the park, but who wants to waste time finding one when all you need is a little bandage.


4. Compact, Lightweight Rain Ponchos

It rains in Florida. Like a lot.

Being prepared for the quick showers that pop up in the parks can make your day flow much smoother.

It always shocks me how many people do not carry any rain gear with them at Disney World. While they do sell ponchos at every gift shop, who wants to spend that extra money unnecessarily.

Bring two or three of these for each member of your group. They’re inexpensive and don’t take up near as much space in your Disney park bag as an actual raincoat would.

5. Retractable Sharpies

We love these easy to use permanent markers for our visits to Disney World. They make character autographs quick and easy, and also come in handy for lots of other uses!

When my kids were little, and didn’t know our phone number, I would write it on their arm, so if we got separated, they could have a cast member call me.

I’ve used them to label ziploc bags to keep track of who a snack belongs to. Plus, with these markers, I never have to worry about losing the lid!


6. Autograph Books

On our first trip to Disney World, I bought small dollar store spiral notebooks for my kids to use for autographs. This was a huge mistake.

They didn’t make it through even one day without falling apart in our Disney park bag. Now we use this Official Disney one, which is super durable and has a place to hold a pen.

While you can buy these at almost any store in the parks, it is MUCH cheaper to order them from Amazon before you go.

They even have some exclusively for Disney Princesses!

7. Clorox Wipes & Hand Sanitizer

Keeping germs away is now more important than ever at Disney Parks.  

Don’t get me wrong. Disney Parks are some of the cleanest places you will ever visit. Their custodial cast members are fantastic at their jobs.

But anywhere there are large crowds of people there are large crowds of germs.

No one wants to catch any kind of bug or virus on their vacation.  

While Disney World now provides lots of these supplies around the parks, I always like to carry my own in my Disney park bag.  

So I make my family wash their hands at every opportunity, utilizing the hand washing stations and hand sanitizer kiosks in the parks as much as possible.  

But they’re not always handy when I feel the need to sanitize our hands, like immediately after exiting a ride.  

And while I know Disney World is probably cleaner than any other place we’ll visit,  I always wipe down the table with a Clorox wipe, just for my own peace of mind.

This handy smaller, resealable pack of wipes is the perfect size, and these individual bottles of sanitizer can just clip right onto the outside of your Disney park bag


8. Gallon Size Ziploc Bags

You wouldn’t know it, but these have SO many uses. I always stash at least 8 in my Disney park bag.

I’ve used them to keep snack left-overs for us to eat later. I’ve kept my phone and camera dry on water rides. I’ve stored our pressed pennies from around the parks in them.

I’ve even shared them with a family who’s child was suddenly ill during the wait for a bus back to the resort (all they had was a Walmart bag, and that definitely can’t handle barf).

These are a lifesaver for us, in so many ways, and I rarely leave home at all without at least one in my purse or car.

9. Cooling Neck Wrap

Florida is HOT, y’all! We once visited during late August, and I thought my face would literally melt off.

I had read about these cooling neck bands, and I actually made several of them myself using fabric and some supplies from the craft store (I’ll post a tutorial on these later).

They contain small beads that expand and store water.  You simply wet them, and then tie them around your neck.

I cannot tell you how much these really helped us out. We often carry a very small fabric cooler in our Disney park bag.

We usually wet the wraps with very cold water and store them in a ziploc bag inside our cooler, so they are cold and ready whenever we need them.

These are seriously a life saver if you’re visiting the parks anytime when the temps are over 90 (which is a huge chunk of the year).

All of these items are are definitely must-haves for any Disney trip, and they are all available through with FREE shipping for Prime Members!  Not an Amazon Prime Member Yet?  Use this link to sign up and get almost 50% off the monthly membership fee!!!

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

BONUS ITEM #1:  The Most Comfortable Mask For The Parks!

Wearing a mask at Walt Disney World is now a requirement that won’t be going away anytime soon.  

During our recent, we quickly found out that all masks are NOT created equal.  

Sure, disposables are convenient, but often don’t fit right.  Mosts regular fabric masks were hot and got uncomfortable quickly. 

And the cute looking masks sold at Walt Disney World are FAR from comfortable.  

We found that our HALOLIFE masks were by far more comfortable to wear for long periods of time than any other masks we tried in the parks.  

They performed time after time, offering the protection of a fantastic filter with the adjustable comfort we wanted for a long day at Disney.  

We will definitely be wearing these exclusively for our next visit to the parks.  

You can find them on the HALOLIFE website.  


Who doesn’t want to be wearing the coolest shirts in the parks when they visit Walt Disney World?  We always order ours from TeePublic, and have had the best experience! 

They have the coolest designs available in tons of colors and styles. We’ve even gotten some extra perks in the parks because of the t-shirts!  Here’s a couple of my current favorites:










What are your must-haves for your park bag? Leave them in the comments for me!

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Order These Things From To Pack the Perfect Disney Park Bag


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