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About Me


I’m Louise and welcome to Chaotically Yours.  This is where I share all the best info I’ve learned in all my many years as a crafter, a traveler, and a parent.  

Louise of

I specialize in giving complete information (including the good, the bad AND the ugly) on how to do the things I love.  Whether it’s instructions for my newest craft obsession or genius travel hacks from my latest adventure, I love to share the good stuff with my readers.

I’m the daughter of a novelist and an engineer, so writing, problem solving, logic, and creativity are ingrained in my DNA.  

I love working with brands and I’m open to all sorts of fun ideas, so don’t hesitate to contact me.

You can reach me at:   contact at chaoticallyyours dot com. 

You can also follow me over on Instagram and send me a message there.  I also read all my reader comments, so you’re welcome to leave on any post if you like!