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Nine Things I Never Do At Disney World

Disney World is a fantastic place, but just like anywhere else, there are some things you should not do in the parks.  Here’s my list of things I would NEVER do at Disney:

Cut in line

This is a MAJOR no-no!  Disney takes queuing up VERY seriously, and cutting the line is expressly forbidden.  Can you imagine how upset guests would get if you’d been waiting in line for HOURS for an attraction, and 15 people just waltz past you to join the one friend who’d been saving them a place in line?  People would FREAK OUT!  Have some consideration for others and make sure you don’t break this rule.

Violate the dress code

Disney World only allows guests younger than age 14 to wear costumes in the park, with some small exceptions during certain events.  This policy prevents confusion between official, Disney-sanctioned characters and guest who just want to participate in some cos-play.  You can find out the details of Disney’s dress code here:

Go To Disney Parks On A Major Holiday

Disney does amazing things on holidays, but you could not pay me to be in the parks on any of them.  Christmas Day, the Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve, and any just about any other major holiday sees people flocking to the parks, making the crowds so overwhelming that it’s impossible to enjoy anything.  Instead, we visit around major holidays.  Mid-November is a great time to see the Christmas decor without dealing with the insanity.

Wear Cute Shoes

I love cute shoes as much as the next girl, but Disney is NOT the place to show them off.  Wearing anything that isn’t 100% comfortable will be a huge mistake.  The miles and miles you will walk during a day in the park calls for sensible shoes only.  Believe me, you’ll thank me when you follow this one!

Forget To Stay Hydrated

Florida is hot, and that fact coupled with the large amounts of walking I mentioned earlier can be a recipe for disaster.  Staying hydrated is incredibly important to making sure you stay feeling your best during your vacation.  Every snack kiosk and quick service restaurant offers cups of ice water for free throughout every park.  Be sure to take advantage of these throughout the day.

Sleep In

Some of the best hours to go to Walt Disney World Parks are in the morning.  The temperatures aren’t at their hottest yet, and crowds are at their lowest for the day.  I save sleeping in for when I get home, and hit the parks as soon as they open.  It makes for a fantastic start to the day, even if you aren’t a morning person.

Go without rain gear

An afternoon shower can pop up in an instant in central Florida.  We never let a little rain stop our fun, but lots of people leave Disney parks on a rainy afternoon.  This mass exodus of people who are scared of a little rain can make for a really fun afternoon, with smaller wait times and lower crowds all over the parks. We always bring ponchos that are easily stowed away in a small back pack and just keep on trucking when it rains at WDW.

Bring All The Things

When I visit Disney World, it never fails that I run into someone in the parks who is a obvious over-packer.  I’m all for being prepared, but you seriously don’t need your entire medicine cabinet and pantry with you in the parks.  Traveling light makes the day much easier to manage.  Most families (save those with kids in diapers) can get by bringing just one small backpack with them into the parks, carrying everything they’ll need for the day.  Before you add something to your park bag, be sure you really evaluate whether or not you’ll actually need it during your day.

Expect it to be 100% perfect

Disney World is the most magical place on earth, but it still has to operate in the real world.  This means things won’t always be 100% perfect.  It’s highly probable that you’ll run into a few problems here and there throughout your visit.  It’s best to go with the flow and not allow small hiccups in your vacation plan to derail your entire day.  Remember that your vacation is what you make of it, so make it magical!

What do you avoid doing when you’re at Disney World?  I’d love to hear your answers in the comments.

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