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The Best Things To Do In The Magic Kingdom After Dark

I love all the parks of Walt Disney World anytime of any day, but my all time favorite is the Magic Kingdom after dark!  The most magical place on earth becomes even more amazing once the sun sets. 

Here are my suggestions for the best things to do after dark in the Magic Kingdom:

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Watch The Fireworks In Front of Cinderella Castle

Every evening (unless prohibited by weather conditions) the Magic Kingdom puts on one of the most amazing fireworks and projection shows in the world! 

This spectacular display combines classic Disney characters with your favorite Disney music to create something truly breath-taking.  It is the absolute best thing that you won’t want to miss in the Magic Kingdom after dark. 

Here’s a brief clip from the projection/fireworks show called Happily Ever After:

Shortly before park closing, announcements will be made throughout the parks, letting guests know that the show will begin shortly. 

Don’t wait for those announcements before staking out a good viewing spot.  People have been know to line up hours before the show to get the best views.  

Click HERE to read an article from Disney Tourist Blog on the best places to view the show.   If you don’t want to claim your spot too early, you can always book a dessert party or a VIP tour that will get you reserved seating for the fireworks. 

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Take A Spin On The People Mover

This classic Disney ride is extremely underrated, in my opinion.  A night-time spin on the People Mover not only gives you a great tour of Tomorrowland, it also gives you a fantastic view of the lights of the Magic Kingdom after dark. 

There’s rarely much of a stand-by line, and the breeze as you move along the track is particularly enjoyable on a hot day.  So hop on the People Mover and enjoy the lights and the people watching!

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Blast Off On The Astro Orbiter

Disney World has several “flight” rides that basically move guests in a circle by moving up and down, but the Astro Orbiter takes this concept to a new level, literally. 

The Astro Orbiter is located right in the center of Tomorrowland, on the third story of the structure that also houses the People Mover and the Lunching Pad Restaurant. 

Since it’s already up so high, the Astro Orbiter offers some of the most unique views of the Magic Kingdom after dark.  The castle and all the lights of Tomorrowland are clearly visible during your ride, and this ride is truly best experienced at night. 

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Take A Leisurely Float On The Liberty Belle Riverboat

This pick is a bit of a risky one, since it isn’t always open after dark.  The Liberty Belle Riverboat is a lovely way to experience an evening at the Magic Kingdom. 

It’s a relaxing ride during the day, but if you chance upon it operating at dusk or after dark when it’s all lit up, jump at the chance!  The magic of the riverboat takes on a whole new life once the sun has set. 

Liberty Belle Riverboat at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

Get Your Heart Pounding On Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is the self-proclaimed “wildest ride in the wilderness,” but the ride gets even wilder in the Magic Kingdom after dark! 

The drops seem deeper and turns seem faster at night, but the view of Cinderella Castle as you come up the first hill of the ride is unparalleled. 

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is already my favorite ride in the Magic Kingdom, but I love it even more once the sun goes down.  It’s on my bucket list to ride this classic roller coaster during a fireworks show, so I can enjoy that spectacular view in a whole new light. 

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Take A Stroll Down Main Street U.S.A. in the Magic Kingdom After Dark

One of the things that I love most about the Magic Kingdom is the atmosphere, and no where is that atmosphere more wholesome and heartwarming than on Main Street U.S.A. 

Taking a stroll here is always special, but walking down this street at night is nothing short of magical.  With all the lights glowing on the old fashioned buildings and the nostalgic music playing in the background, visitors can’t help but sing along as they walk towards the Town Square. 

Do yourself a favor, take a minute to soak it all in on this very special street.  

Say Goodbye With The Kiss Goodnight

Many people don’t know this, but the Magic Kingdom has a special way of asking visitors to leave. 

Instead of just rudely kicking everyone out, a very brief, very special little show plays.  It’s affectionately known as The Kiss Goodnight.

You can read more about it, and even see a full video in my other blog post by CLICKING HERE. 

It’s definitely on my “do not miss” list at least once on every trip to the Magic Kingdom.  

The Magic Kindom at Night is one of the best parts of any Walt Disney World Trip!  Make sure you don’t miss any of these amazing activities!

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