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Nine Things I Wish I Brought To Disney World

Disney World Trips are the best, but there are always a few things I wish I brought to Disney that I always end up forgetting! 

Fortunately, most of these items are available on!  

Here’s a handy list of those thing, and why we always want them when we are at Walt Disney World

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What I Wish I Brought To Disney:  Hand Soap

I love staying in hotels, especially Walt Disney World Resort Hotels. 

But one thing EVERY hotel has in common is the lack of liquid hand soap. 

As a kind of obsessive hand washer, I really HATE using bar soap to wash my hands.  It just doesn’t feel sanitary. 

Having a bottle of pump hand soap would have made things a little easier on our trip. 


Dial Liquid Hand Soap, Coconut Water & Mango, 7.5 Fluid Ounces


What I Wish I Brought To Disney:  Good Toilet Paper

I’m kinda spoiled when it comes to toilet paper.  I really HATE the cheap stuff. 

While Disney Resorts do a lot of things well, quality toilet paper isn’t always one of them. 

Bringing a roll or two of your favorite brand is NEVER a bad idea when traveling. .


Quilted Northern  Ultra Soft & Strong Double-Roll Toilet Paper, Pack of 6 Double Rolls, Equivalent to 12 Regular Rolls–Packaging May Vary


What I Wish I Brought To Disney:  Chewing Gum

It’s a little known fact that chewing gum is not sold ANYWHERE on Walt Disney World property. 

Chewing gum is a huge hassle to clean up, and people tend to be jerks and stick it where it isn’t supposed to be. 

So to keep if off of the ground or off of the underside of tables and chairs, Disney World just doesn’t sell it. 

I personally love chewing gum, so I wish I’d brought it with me to Disney World. 

Tic-tac makes my favorite type, so you can chew a piece as big or as small as you want.  (I love the watermelon flavor!!)

Tic Tac Gum Variety Pack – Fresh Mint, Spearmint, & Cool Watermelon Sugar Free Gum (56 Pieces Per Pack) (Pack of 6)

What I Should Have Brought To Disney:  Hanging Organizer

Most hotel rooms aren’t that spacious, and our family of four is always struggling to stay organized and find space to store things when we travel. 

Upon returning from our most recent trip to Disney World, I saw that a friend had brought one of these awesome hanging organizers with her on her latest trip!  What an awesome idea!! 

You can put all sorts of things in each little compartment, and just hang it over the rod in the closet space.  It will keep your room neat and tidy! 

I totally wish I’d had one of these on our last visit. 

Whitmor Hanging Shoe Shelves – 8 Section – Closet Organizer – Grey


What I Wish I Brought To Disney:  Non-Coca-Cola Products

For my family, this was a big one. 

My husband is a Mountain Dew guy.  Always has been, always will be. 

And he HATES Coke.  Like, literally hates it. 

Unfortunately, Walt Disney World exclusively sells Coca-Cola products. 

While we’ve known this for YEARS, for some reason on our last trip we totally forgot to bring a twelve pack with us.  By day 2, he was not happy! 

Coffee got him by for most of the week, but as soon as we drove out of the parks on our way home, his VERY FIRST stop was at a gas station to buy some Mountain Dew. 

I can assure you, next time, we’ll know better!

Mountain Dew, 12 Fl Oz cans, Pack of 18

What I Should Have Brought To Disney:  Small Umbrella

It rains in Florida A LOT! 

Most days of the year, you can expect a quick shower during the day. 

On our last trip I remembered to bring rain gear, like ponchos and such, but I forgot to bring a small umbrella, for those quick passing showers that don’t require a poncho. 

I sorely regretted it several times during the trip. 

I love this Disney Villain themed one!  It changes color when it gets wet and folds down to a very compact and portable size!

Bioworld Disney Villain Umbrella Disney Villain Gift Disney Umbrella Disney Villain Accessories


What I Wish I Brought To Disney:  Roll of Paper Towels

I’m kinda clumsy.  I am always knocking over and spilling things. 

Being in the small confines of a hotel room with three other people, I definitely find myself spilling stuff more. 

On our last trip to Disney my son put a Poweraid bottle on its side in the refrigerator without fully securing the top on it. 

The next person who opened the fridge got a pretty messy surprise. 

Unfortunately, we hadn’t brought any paper towels with us, so we had to use a bathroom towel to clean up the mess.  It was pretty bad. 

I was definitely wishing for a roll of paper towels that night! 

Bounty Select-a-Size 2 x More Absorbent Paper Towels,11 x 5.9-Inches, 96-PLY SHEETS,White (PACK OF 2)


What I’m Glad I Brought To Disney:  Zip Loc Bags

Ziploc bags are an absolute MUST on a Disney Vacation! 

There are SO many uses for them.  From saving leftovers to dealing with sick children, these bags have been a lifesaver for us in more than one circumstance. 

I keep them in the room.  I keep them in my park bag.  I keep them in the car.  I’ll put these babies ANYWHERE I can, just because they’re so useful. 

Be sure you don’t forget to bring them with you!

Ziploc Gallon Slider Storage Bags, 96 Count

What I Wish I Brought To Disney:  Small Candle or Bathroom Spray

Staying in close quarters is always tough, especially when it comes to bathroom needs. 

With four people staying for a week in one small hotel room, things can get pretty smelly! 

During our last trip, I REALLY wish I had brought a small scented candle to alleviate some of the stench. 

We’ve brought them on trips before, and they’ve been invaluable for making a hotel room tolerable after someone has just “destroyed” the bathroom.

Yankee Candle Small Tumbler Candle, Honey Clementine


BONUS ITEM:  Solar Back-Up Battery Charger

We use our phones for EVERYTHING at Disney World! 

Between booking fast passes with the My Disney Experience App, taking a bazillion photos, and letting our kids mess around in lines with the Play Disney App, our phone batteries can drain out pretty quickly. 

I LOVE having this solar charged back up battery pack hanging from my back pack, ready to plug in at a moment’s notice.   We like the option to charge it up overnight in the room, but keep letting it charge in the sunlight while we roam the parks. 

Plus, the built in flashlight is SUPER useful at night.  It’s an awesome product!

Solar Power Bank, Qi Portable Charger 10,000mAh External Battery Pack Type C Input Port Dual Flashlight, Compass (Splashproof, Dustproof, Shockproof, Solar Panel, DC5V/2.1A) (Orange, 10000mAh)


These are just a few of the wish list items that I really should have brought with us on our last trip to Disney World.  What items did you forget to pack?  Leave them in the comments for me!

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