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How To “Disney Proof” Any Pair Of Shoes

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Disney World is murder on your feet.  Most people are likely to walk a ton of miles during their Disney vacation!  Finding the right pair of shoes for Disney World is always a challenge, but I’ve discovered a secret way to make any pair of shoes Disney-proof!

For a recent trip, I really needed a new pair of shoes for Disney World.  As a previous sufferer of plantar fascistic, I know the importance of wearing comfortable, supportive shoes when you know you’ll be walking a lot. 

Over the course of a month, I bought and returned no less than 4 pairs of shoes, hoping each time that this pair would seem comfortable enough.  Nothing did the trick.  I was beginning to think I’d never find anything that worked for me.   As we got down to the wire on our departure date, I finally resigned to wear my old favorites that I hoped had enough life left in them to get me through the massive mileage that I expected to walk. 

That’s when I remembered these little gems:

You see, while prepping for an ATV trip to West Virginia, my brilliant husband had purchased these for me to put into the bottom of my Walmart rain boots so they’d be more comfortable during the trip.  They came with 2 pairs, so I still had one left in the package that had been laying around my closet for months. They’d definitely helped make my completely non-supportive rain boots more comfortable.  Maybe they’d work even better in a shoe that already has some support!

So I gave them a try.  I simply removed the insole of my favorite sneakers, put these babies in, and put the insole right back on top of it. 

You guys!!! They worked like a dream!!!!  I wore them for two separate Disney trips where I averaged about 9 miles a day on my feet.  Never once did I have sore feet after a long day in the parks.  They turn any pair of sneakers into perfect shoes for Disney World!

Now I’ve taken to putting them in every pair of sneakers I buy!  And I DEFINITELY won’t go to Disney World again with out them! 

They come in both men’s and women’s versions, and you can order them here:

Men’s Sizes:

Women’s Sizes:

Now, they probably won’t work well for sandals or any shoes without insoles already, but I wouldn’t recommend wearing those types of shoes for Disney World anyway! 

Seriously, y’all!  Order these right now!  They’ll make all the difference in the world and you’ll be SO glad not to have to worry about your feet while at Disney World! 

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