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Crafts / DIY Projects

Explosion Box DIY Instructions

In today’s post, I’ll teach you how to make an explosion box: a unique personalized gift that bursts open with photos and memories as soon as you open it! I’m always looking for fun and unique gift ideas, especially for family members.  I always feel like I’m struggling to find the perfect gift for the …

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17 Fantastic Craft Ideas for Teens

Finding craft ideas for teens is definitely challenging. Fostering creativity in tweens and teens is a lot harder than it is when they’re little. You want ideas that are fun, but more challenging than your average elementary age project. While searching for craft ideas for teens in my house, I’ve found some awesome projects that …

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Crumple Tie Dye: A DIY Project

Crumple tie dye is probably one of the easiest tie dye methods out there! Y’all tie dye is hot right now.  Everyone seems to be trying their hand at making one-of-a-kind clothing with this fun, easy, classic craft. If you’re looking to get started making your own creations, the crumple tie dye technique is the …

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