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The BEST Tool for Removing Ticks This Summer!

The best tool for removing ticks this summer

Ticks!  Almost nothing grosses me out more than finding one on a member of my family.  And we had one of those gag-inducing moments tonight. Thankfully we were equipped with a fantastic little tool that makes tick removal fast, easy and painless.

After spending an evening outside enjoying the gorgeous spring weather, we came inside to get our kids ready for bed.   As we were beginning the bedtime routine, I spotted a tell-tale black dot on the underside of my son’s upper arm.  After getting my freak-out face in check, I calmly called my husband in to confirm that I was indeed looking at a tick.

As I am sure you well know, ticks carry all sorts of gross stuff, like Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  No one wants to come down with anything ticks carry, so proper removal is essential to help prevent contracting something really awful.  Lots of people use painful methods, like burning them with match heads or pulling them off with tweezers, that don’t always remove the entire bug from the skin.  Those methods always freak my kids out and end up taking forever, and taking the tick off in pieces.  That always makes me freak out that a piece of it is left in the skin.  Like I said, super gross!

Last summer, on a quick trip to the store before heading out on a camping trip, we randomly picked up this small tool that we didn’t even have occasion to use during that weekend.  But tonight, when my husband pulled it out of storage, I realized it was probably the best purchase we made in quite a long time.  It’s a little metal tool that looks like this :

It’s called a Tick Wrangler, and it’s the easiest thing I have EVER used to remove a tick.   You simply follow these easy directions:

1 – Place the Tick Wrangler’s loop end over the tick and rest on the skin, so that the tick appears in the larger
end of the loop.
2 – Slide the Tick Wrangler along the skin so that the narrow end of the loop slides under the tick.
3 – Continue to slide the Tick Wrangler slightly up and away from the skin.
4 – Tick should come away from the ski easily, with head intact.

We used it to remove the tick we found on my 9 year old’s arm tonight and it worked like a dream.  Completely painless for him, and extremely easy for us to use.  The entire tick came off in one piece, and we cleaned the area of the skin with rubbing alcohol, just out of precaution.

Seriously, anyone who spends any amount of time outside NEEDS one of these little tools.  You can order one from Amazon here:

As of posting this information, this product is included in a the Amazon Prime program, making it eligible for free shipping!!

Seriously, this was a life saver tonight!  An ordeal that usually takes forever and leave my kids in tears took only a couple of minutes to complete, with no pain or fear for my child.  Buy one now, before you need it.  You can thank me later.

UST Tick Wrangler


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